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Welcome to the world of unstoppable ambition and relentless innovation, where I try to stand at the forefront of entrepreneurial brilliance. With an unyielding passion for creating groundbreaking ventures and shaping industries  has become synonymous with success and empowerment.

As a hardcore entrepreneur, always fearlessly challenges the status quo, transforming ideas into thriving enterprises that redefine the boundaries of possibility. Their unwavering determination, combined with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, has led to a trailblazing journey marked by numerous triumphs and a legacy of disruptive achievements.



Since 2018 I was grinding in the entrepreneurship universe after dropping out of college I moved to Bangalore and started working on early stage startups and meeting mentors so that time I realized what an actual practical knowledge looks like because after high school I started reading tons of business & entrepreneurship books and it really helps but theory and practical has huge difference so after few months I co-founded an e-learning startup with my friend but it got failed then pivoting on it we started a company called Lastmoon Inc. which we incorporated in US but after some time it also got failed, Then a books website and a advertising marketing company similarly like half dozen projects got failed but it gives the best learning and experience which I'll never got in any university in the world and infact failure is like a badge of honor in silicon valley. 

So our Lastmoon company does one thing is it got selected and we got awarded as top 100 e-learning startup of the country.

Now as an official participant of World Expo from my state which is happened on Dubai popular by Expo2020 I noticed the future of innovation and tech and started digging and researching on web and connecting with mega entrepreneurs then came to a conclusion to start the next startup which is in stealth mode for now but soon will make a dent in the multiverse.


Lastmoon Inc.


A Hero Is No Braver Than An Ordinay Man,

But He Is Brave Five Minutes Longer.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson



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